Why do Users love Continuity Camera?

Apple has rolled out the Continuity Camera feature with macOS Ventura and iOS 16. This is touted as one of the best features as it allows users to instantly turn their iPhone into a webcam for video calls on their Mac. Here’s more information on this feature.

What is the Continuity Camera Feature?

In macOS Ventura, Apple released the Continuity Camera feature, which lets you use your iPhone’s snazzy camera as the webcam for your Mac. Thanks to this, you can instantly improve your video calling during Zoom or FaceTime calls. The feature is also compatible with apps like Photo Booth and QuickTime 52av.

This feature offers significant benefits to the users. For example, the iPhone’s camera quality is much better than Mac’s webcam quality. Although Apple is working on improving Mac webcams, they are not at par with iPhone’s camera quality.

Moreover, the feature lets you use added iPhone camera features like Center Stage, Desk View, and Studio Lighting on your Mac.

However, if your model is not compatible with the latest macOS version and you don’t want to upgrade your Mac model, learn how to adjust the camera settings to improve video calls by clicking

Reasons Why Users Love this Feature

  • Easy to use

Mastering the Continuity Camera feature is not rocket science. Before you start, ensure your Mac runs on Ventura and your iPhone runs iOS 16 or later. Both devices must log into the same iCloud account.

Since the feature works wirelessly, you don’t have to use a cable to connect your smartphone and computer. But both devices must use the same Apple ID, and remember to enable two-factor authentication for your safety.

On your phone, tap Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff to ensure the Continuity Camera option is turned on. Also, turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices.

Finally, bring your iPhone closer to your Mac, and you simasvip can use your phone’s camera as your Mac’s webcam.

For the best results, mount your smartphone to your computer’s display.

  • Compatible with most applications

The Continuity Camera feature supports the most popular applications Mac users use to enjoy video calls or conferences. The feature also supports video players and allows users to use Continuity Camera to record videos and upload them across social media.

One of the apps supported by this feature is QuickTime, the default media player on Mac. The video player is not only used for watching videos but also for creating videos. Launch the player > choose File from the menu bar > select New Movie Recording.

To create better videos, you can mount your iPhone and properly position it in front of your Mac’s display. Then, choose the iPhone from the camera list and record better-quality videos. You can choose between high and maximum quality for video capture. Then, click the red record button and start filming. Once you have recorded the video, click the red button to stop recording and save the video.

Besides QuickTime, the feature is also compatible with Photo Booth, and this app allows you to take photos on your Mac. Thanks to this app, you can set a countdown before the picture is snapped. Typically, Photo Booth uses the default in-built webcam, but you can change the camera source by launching the app > clicking the Camera section in the menu bar > and choosing your iPhone as a camera option.

Other apps that can benefit from the Continuity Camera feature are FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps.

  • Enables additional camera effects

Mac’s in-built webcam does not have any camera effects you can use to improve your videos. However, whether you are engaged in a video call or creating videos for your social media account, the Continuity Camera feature comes in handy.

Some of the effects you can use include:

  • Portrait mode: In Portrait mode, the background will be blurred, and the focus will be on the subject. This will help you achieve a portrait or cinematic effect.
  • Center Stage: Using Center Stage, your iPhone can follow you as you move around the frame. The feature will try to keep you centered. However, the video quality will be lower than usual because this feature uses the ultra-wide camera instead of the primary camera.
  • Studio Light: Studio Light will ensure a more significant cinematic effect for your videos and pictures as the light will highlight your face against the background.
  • Desk View: Thanks to this feature, you can show your face and the desk you are working on. This is great when creating tutorials, giving presentations, or creating a how-to video.


These are some reasons why users love the Continuity Camera feature. But, as you can see, the primary reason is that they can utilize their high-quality iPhone camera as the webcam for their lpllive Mac.

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