What are the Common Grounds for Divorce in Gig Harbor?

Dissatisfaction with marriage is the most common ground for divorce in Gig Harbor. A recent study found that over 75% of divorces are caused by one party feeling unsatisfied with the marriage and wanting to end it. This can include boredom, frustration, lack of romance, intimacy, or emotional support.

You can visit this page if you want a family lawyer to represent you in your divorce. A family lawyer can help you decide whether divorce is the best option for you and your family and will guide you through your divorce procedure. If the simple desire to end your marriage can’t be the sole ground for a divorce, what else?

The following are the common grounds for divorce in Gig Harbor.

  • Adultery

Adultery can be a very serious charge. It is a common ground for divorce that can give a spouse the grounds to sue for money and alimony. Entering into a new marriage without the permission of their spouses can be cause for divorce. Although it is not easy to prove, it is always wise to hire an attorney even if you believe your husband or wife to be innocent. 

  • Desertion

While it is possible for a spouse to simply drift from their way of life, desertion is another ground for divorce that can give a spouse the grounds to file for divorce and seek financial support. The court will consider whether one party has moved out of the marital home, stopped coming around, or communicating with their spouses celebrities bio.

  • Domestic violence

If you are married and are being physically abused or threatened by your spouse, this can be a cause for your divorce. Domestic violence has been found to be among the top causes of divorce in the United States. It can include being sexually, emotionally, and physically abused. 

  • Incompatibility

A spouse who can no longer live together and be happy with their spouse is a strong sign of incompatibility. This can be a common ground for divorce even if there has been no violence or physical abuse involved in the separation.

  • Sexual assault

Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes for a married couple to experience. This can include physical and sexual abuse committed against a person. Sexual assault should be immediately dealt with the legal help of a family lawyer powerful idea.

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