Magnetic Screen Doors at Lowe’s

While there are several other types of magnetic screen doors available, one of the most cost-effective is the hands-free magnetic screen door. This screen door can be installed on doors that measure 38 by 82 inches. Children and animals can easily push the mesh open, and the 26 heavy magnets in the center of the screen will help it close behind them. However, if you’re concerned that the magnetic screen door might be difficult to install, you may want to purchase a customized model.

While some brands only offer a single size, most brands have several available. If your doorway is between two standard sizes, you can always order a larger model. If you are unsure of which size you need, take measurements from the left side to right. Also, measure the height from the ground up to the top of the door frame. Once you have measured the height and width, you can then decide which magnetic screen door size is right for your home.

While other retractable screens feature striping, this one comes with pleated screens that look more attractive than striped screens. Pleats add a dimensional look to the screen, while allowing you to move through it easily. The Larson Inspire is a great option for a front door, patio, or other entry points. And it’s easy to install, too! You can find magnetic screen doors at Lowe’s and other hardware retailers.

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