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The sun is setting on a beautiful Appwrite Series Tiger Globalsawersventurebeat evening in the mountains of central Chile. The air is crisp and cool, with just a hint of humidity. This location is renowned for its unique cuisine, so we set out to explore some of the typical restaurants that one might find in this area. We found an amazing little restaurant on the edge of town called “El Sabanero” which wearks a local legend about its Telurros (fried octopus). It was there that we learned it was not only famous for its octopus, but also for being one of the world’s top chefs at it. No one else could have done this! As word spread about our adventure, people started to come over to taste the food and decide which place they would go back to next. We started by ordering some traditional chile relleno (octopus in rice) – which you can find here – then proceeded to ask for some more orders from different dishes on our plate. Each time we asked a few more questions, other customers came over and shared their experiences with us too. It was fantastic!

What makes a great restaurant in central Chile?

There are so many great things about this restaurant – the food, the location, the service – all brought together to make it one of our favourites. For starters, the restaurant is very family-friendly – with plenty of indoor and outdoor tables and chairs, comfortable chairs, and a great view of the sunset. It’s also very close to the town of Trujillo – which is famous for its rich chile relleno and famous for its fantastic dinner tables. The food is also very specific to this location – with plenty of uniqueinalities like using potato peelers to make bread and using a wooden spoon to stir the food together. The place is also one of the most authentically authentic remaining historic places in Chile, thanks to its connection to the monasteries that once thrived here.

The unique chile relleno

When you’re in the mountains of central Chile and have the chance to sample a real traditional chile relleno (fried octopus), you’re in for an amazing evening. This is the traditional dish here in the Andes, and it’s what you’ll find at this restaurant. It’s fried, with a few additions like peanuts, cheese, and maybe even a little sugar. It’s served with rice and is made by using a special kind of rice called tungur (family name) which is indigenous to this part of South America.

The quality of the food

When you go to a place like this, you’re in for a very good meal. The food is all very good, fresh, and delicious. Most importantly, it’s fresh and hot. We ordered our meal while it was still sunset so we could eat in peace – which it was, provided you like hot food. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great – with plenty of fun toys and games to keep the kids entertained. The place is also quite roomy so you can have lots of fun with your friends too.

The atmosphere in the restaurant

The atmosphere in the restaurant is great. There are plenty of old trees in the place which is a great thing because it gives the place a really warm, nostalgic feel. We loved sitting at the bar where the bar tender, Alberto, was always serving us great food. You can order him specialties like chile relleno with rice, or tacos y quesadillas served with guacamole and sour Cream.

What would you order for desert at El Sabanero?

We had two orders of tamale and guacamole for our dessert table. So pretty good. We also had a few orders of guacamole for the regular menu which includes the option for sea salt and pepper. And finally, we had an order of plantains for our dessert table. And they were also fried – a perfect option for dessert because you can finish it very quickly.

Other restaurants worth a visit in Santiago: Banana Shiro, La Boca and Piña Colada Parlor. Which one should you go to next?

We would definitely recommend going to “El Sabanero” if you’re in the mood for authentic chile relleno, great food, and a great atmosphere. There are so many great choices for dessert in this restaurant – you can order it plain, put it in a jar, or mix it with your favourite mix.

Banana Shiro

This is one of the top restaurants in Santiago and we highly recommend it. It’s definitely a Must Try restaurant – in our opinion, it is one of the best places to go for dessert in Santiago. We had the best time there and it was such a treat to go back and try some of the famous banana chile relleno recipe. You can order it for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner.

La Boca

This is one of the top places to go for brunch in Santiago which is also where we had lunch today. This place is definitely worth a visit for brunch – especially if you like super fresh food. There are plenty of Options for Food to Try at La Boca which include fresh juices and juices made with fresh fruits.

Piña Colada Parlor

This is one of the top places to go for dessert in Santiago. This place is definitely a highlight of our trip because it is so much fun and extra special. We had a great time at this place – the food was delicious and the fun atmosphere was great. We also ordered the famous “ata” dessert which is made with brown sugar and orange juice. Trust us, you will definitely want to come back for more!

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