4 Simple Tips That Help Run a Multi-Pup Household Smoothly

The more fur babies there are, the more love and joy there is at home. Running a multi-pup household can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

When you add more furry family members to your home, there will be more things to manage. The things that require your attention will scale up exponentially. You have many four paws to satisfy with limited people and resources.

Your puppy pack will need to learn to adjust to each other, respect boundaries and play together safely, of course, with your help. However, consider being prepared with dog insurance so no canine goes without medical assistance during distressing health situations and emergencies.

Cheap dog insurance allows you to support your furry pets with basic health benefits in needy times of health, with minor financial troubles. Contemplate purchasing a bundle policy for your puppy pack to make some savings on the pet insurance premium.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn some simple yet effective tips on running a multi-pup household harmoniously.

1.Say no to differential treatment

It all begins with not picking favorites. Singling out a pup as your favorite may not go down well with your other fur babies, and in a case like this, we would say that your dogs have a fair point. Every canine deserves equal love, care, and attention. Consider treating all your pets to new toys, snacks, and cuddles so that every pup feels happy and loved.

However, every pup has a unique personality, so if it wants some private time, grant it; if it wants to snuggle up to you or lies on its back for a few scratches or belly rubs, be generous to them. Learn their preferences, moods, needs, and wants to give them the best life possible.

2.Play referee to restore calm and peace

Whether or not your fur babies belong to the same litter, fights can and do happen. One moment they might be sweetly getting along, and the next, they may be engaged in a serious brawl. Separate your pups and allow them some private time to defuse the tension.

Watch for signs like low growls, hard stares, stiffening bodies, and raised hackles. These gestures indicate that the scene is heating up, and you must intervene to normalize things for your pets inside the house.

3.Schedule obedience training sessions

Be on top of the training sessions whenever a new furry person gets adopted into your home. Every pup should know that you are the boss, and they should play by your rules, whether it is inside or outside the house. Start with the most basic commands and let them practice until perfection. Know that it is always easy to handle fur babies with good manners.

4.Feed them separately

Provide every pupper with an exclusive food and water bowl to avoid anarchy during mealtime. Consider feeding them in separate places, like Rover in the crate, Fido in the room, Charlie in the garden, and Roxy on the balcony. This plan ensures no pup encroaches on the other’s food and eats only what was given to them.

The above tips can help save some sanity within the furry household. However, you should still watch out for territorial disputes and resource-guarding behaviors. Accidental injuries, falls, and worse can be expected when no one is monitoring; they can even happen when someone is.

Consider being prepared with dog insurance so that providing timely medical care need not be a significant financial challenge during times like this and many others. Cheap dog insurance can assure your furry family the medical care they need during testing times of health, with only a little economic implication, so contemplate buying a policy that covers your pack.

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