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The original cell-block-length,Sources Discord 15b 7bnewcomernewcomer anarcho-primitivist slasher flick is back for another go at grossing out your friends with its unique twists on the macabre. For our purposes, this means we’ll be seeing a creative new spin on the well-known tale of The Freshman—slasher flick, macabre twist, hauntings—all in one. But this time, instead of being a work of pure horror and suspense, it’s actually a comedy! It’s called The Exorcist Rebooted and it features some of the best actors in the world as lead characters Freddy Krueger (played by Jason Voorhees) and Jason Voorhees‘ brother Freddie Krueger (played by Sean Connery). Here’s why you should check it out anyway:

What’s the deal with The Exorcist?

When the original Exorcist was released in 1978, it was met with both praise and derision from the Catholic Church. While there was a lot to love about the film, it’s also worth noting that director Jay Le Cahoon found himself at odds with the Vatican in the wake of the Hell’s Angels’ massacre of priests. The film eventually found a home in the Spanish language and received a relatively favorable reception. However, the church eventually ordered it pulled from the country’s theatrical release list, effectively ending the film’s career. While it’s easy to see why the film could be negatively received, it’s also worth noting that the studio that produced the film also produced another classic slasher flick, Halloween (1978). While the release of The Exorcist was met with generally favorable reviews, the consensus was much more mixed on the film’s successor, The Exorcist: Demons of the Dark side. While some critics (including mine) have been drawn back to the original tale for its unique brand of macabre, others find the film highly enjoyable and challenging. In some ways, The Exorcist: Demons of the Dark side is as much of a metaphor for the state of film as it is for a modern audience. After all, the original was a dark and daring film in many ways, but it was also incredibly fun. We may not be able to watch classic slasher flicks in their original form (cleaning the whole thing out of the studio might have been the final step), but we can still enjoy them as much as we did back in 1978.

Why do we still hate Fred andJason?

It’s easy to feel sorry for Jason and Fred when you see these two onscreen together. They were both truly apart of an unforgettable time, when families and friends could be together for weeks on end. However, when you watch the movie again, you’ll quickly realize they were never exactly your best friends. After all, they were on opposite ends of the social scale, and part of the charm of their relationship is still intact is how odd it is. They were always in each others’ faces and always doing whatever it was that they were doing. It’s not that they were mean or difficult to have around, but they were also reserved and withdrawn. In many ways, they were likeable characters who exuded charm and earnestness, even though they were as different as night and day. On top of that, the people around them were often as interesting as their own characters. They were all incredibly interesting characters in their own time and way, and it’s easy to root for them even when you know the story isn’t always gonna be the best. They’re still friends, remember that.

Back to the story of The Exorcist

Back in the day, fans of The Exorcism movies were generally under the impression that the character Shannen Doherty (played by Rebecca Mader) was trying to exchange her soul for, well, something. The film starts off as a travelogue into the religious history of the United States, but the true focus is on the relationship between Shannen and her friend Samantha. The two of them are parched for information, and Shannen is the one who comes up with the idea of producing a TV show based on the film. If you’re looking for a modern, fresh take on the classic story, look no further. The Exorcist: TV series is a must for fans of horror, mystery, and spiritualism.

What will happen when Freddy Krueger returns as Jason Voorhees?

You’re in for an extremely fun ride when you see Voorhees in the role of Jason Voorhees as Freddy Krueger. If there’s anything you particularly enjoy about the character, you’ll definitely want to check out the Voorhees portrayal of Freddy. Besides being a great introduction to the character, the other reason Voorhees makes a great fit for the role is that he’s almost exactly the right age for it. As a kid, Freddy was a sight more memorable than he is today, thanks in large part to his appearance in the original film. In a time when so many celebrities have become old, it’s pretty surprising that Freddy is still so much fun.

How awesome is The Exorcist Rebooted?

As previously mentioned, the new reboot doesn’t skimp out on the gory or spooky department, but it also doesn’t skimp on the fun. The film is packed with plenty of fun moments, and while it’s not the gore-free kind of movie, it’s not so freakin’ bad either. Also, you get a chance to see Voorhees in a more creative way than ever before. In addition to being able to see Voorhees in all his gory glory, you also get to see him in a variety of different roles, including his real-life self as a stand-up comedian. Which is always a good sign. Also, this isn’t your regular slasher movie, so if you’re a gore-seeker or just don’t like the idea of watching a slasher movie with a bunch of dead people walking around, this is for you.


The Exorcist has long been recognized as a classic and a true example of modern horror. It has something for everyone and it is sure to keep your attention for a while. The new reboot is no different and it is just as fun as the original. If you’re looking for a scary new film, The Exorcist: reboot definitely has something for you. In fact, it has more in common with modern horror and comedy than you might have ever realized. So, if you’ve been wondering what new bedtime stories are out there, check out The Exorcist: reboot and see what you think.

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