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Social Media Optimization that supports better SEO!

Okay! Coming to the topic that many people are waiting for with techniques for successful Social Media Optimization. and not only that We will also bundle SMO techniques that are good for SEO. What can be done? Let’s go and watch it together.

Note : Finding knowledge in doing SEO will help you understand more about Google Algorithm. We are a company that does SEO for a lot of Thai customers. At the same time, we are ready to share good knowledge in SEO with everyone. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to visit our website.

1. Create assets that increase traffic to the website.

from our experience If you want to drive traffic from social networks to your website. In addition to sharing general posts such as Single Post, Photo Album, Link Post, etc.

It is recommended to try to make your content more advanced by creating content that requires only clicking to the website to see or download, such as making an Ebook, a white paper to educate, Content Pillars, etc.

Because these contents help encourage people to enter the website a lot. Plus, you can also make a form to fill in some details to be used for retargeting later.

For example, on the HubSpot website, when making any content, an E-Book is usually attached to download for Lead Generation. to download these quality contents

2. Create content called backlinks

Getting backlinks back to your website will naturally improve your website’s Domain Rating. Therefore, you need to create content that is easy to share across platforms such as PDF files, audio files, videos, etc. rather than writing. Regular content will increase the chances for people to continue sharing. Bring more referrals and send more backlinks to your website.

3. Make Social Media and Websites a Resource

When you search for something, you’ll often come across Wikipedia for information. (Even if it seems a bit unreliable.) Therefore, you should try Wikipedia on a subject that you specialize in, such as a content summary. Posting on social media and lead to keep coming to read more on the website regularly

When you have enough useful content for your audience both on social media and on the website. You will become the top of mind in their hearts and will definitely send backlinks back.

4. Make a Social Share button on the website and add the website to Social Media.

If you want to link SMO and SEO together, it should be easy to get your information across your website and social media channels. Like making a Social Share button on the website in order to help people who come to view the website. You can click to share articles that are on the website right away. still need round nguyen duy tri • acid madness • 2023

And on social media itself, there should also be a link back to your website. to tell people who follow you on different platforms that you too have websites to look at.

5. Use social media channels to promote posts that talk about you.

Influencer marketing seems to be a very popular marketing strategy these days. And if you see someone mentioning your product, service, or brand in a positive way, don’t ignore those posts.

Content reviewed by that User should be promoted by re-sharing it on social media or on the website. This creates a good relationship that helps your audience see that your brand cares. And in the future, there may be backlinks back to your website from this group of people from the impression they created.

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