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WebMusic – Play Your Favorite Online Music Right on Your Desktop

The music player that comes with the WebMusic service allows you to integrate your favorite online music services right into your desktop. This tool will search the file system for service configuration files, which describe the functionality offered by the service. Each service will have its own integration file, which is inserted into a webpage and communicates with the application by exchanging track name and artist information. You can add new integration files if you wish, or browse through the repository of existing service integration files.

A year ago, the two founders launched a prototype player for testing purposes. They recruited 100 friends to test the service and about 30 became daily users. The quality of the music was good from the start, and within two weeks, users were able to use it as their primary discovery tool. They invested their own money in the company and launched it into closed beta last year. Although they’ve since experienced a steep learning curve, they’re confident that webmusic will become a popular music discovery tool.

The Web Music Player is fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3. The music player is designed to run on a quality SD card. Audio output options include Bluetooth, USB speakers, an analog jack, and HDMI. Onboard Bluetooth supports audio output, but it cannot run at full speed. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Bluetooth module in your mobile phone. But make sure to check the system’s compatibility before you make the final decision.

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