The Time It Takes for Rockford Car Accident Claim Settlements

You have already filed a claim for compensation for your damages following a car accident, and now you must be worried about how long it will take for your claim to settle. The answer to your concerns is that there is no set timeline as it depends on a range of factors. A lawyer at Tuite Law can help you understand the specifics. In case you have not filed a claim yet and are still weighing your options, you may reach out to a personal injury lawyer at the firm. Know that it’s the job of your lawyer to make sure that your rights are upheld. Here are some of the factors that may determine how soon it can be settled:

The time it would take for recovery:

One major factor that can determine how soon your claim gets settled is the time it would take for you to fully recover from your injuries or condition. The thing is, until you are doing okay and have fully recovered, it would be very difficult to have a proper understanding of how much you had to spend or may have to spend on future treatments. In the event that you require ongoing treatment, it might be all the more difficult to assess that. The only reason is that the expenses are variables and are subject to change based on the circumstances. 

The extent of injuries:

Another factor that determines the settlement time is how serious your injury or condition is. In general, the type and severity of the accident affect how long it takes to resolve a case. When things are a bit more complicated, it would make sense if the settlement took longer to settle. On top of that, when you file a claim, the insurance company will hardly take your claims as a fact and would possibly run an independent investigation of your case to make sure your injuries are genuine. That may make the process a little bit longer. 

Final thoughts:

In some cases, when both parties are partly responsible for the accident, it can take additional time for the lawyer to determine who was more liable for the accident. If you filed a car accident claim recently and would like to know the status of the claim, you may get the help of a lawyer. Do not delay, and contact a Rockford personal injury right away. 

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