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Mattress Materials: Which Ones Are Best for Your Sleeping Style?

Studies suggest that a large section of the Australian population does not meet the national recommendations for the amount of sleep required every night. Poor sleep affects the quality of life and causes chronic health conditions. Therefore, choosing the right mattress is crucial in improving overall health and well-being.

When you are choosing a mattress that’s Australian made, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of material. Mattresses can be made from various materials, each with unique benefits. Your sleeping style is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a mattress material.

In the following section of the article, you can explore the most common mattress materials and which ones are best suited for different sleeping styles.

Memory Foam

Nearly half of Australia’s adult population has reported at least two sleep-related problems. So, if you are looking for a mattress that’s Australian made, the choice of material is a vital consideration. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they can conform to the body’s shape, providing personalised support and pressure relief. Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam treated with chemicals to increase its density and viscosity. This material is excellent for side sleepers who need extra cushioning to relieve pressure on their hips and shoulders. It is also ideal for people who sleep with a partner as it absorbs movement, reducing motion transfer between the two sides of the bed.


Latex mattresses are durable and provide long-lasting support. It also provides a high bounce level and responsiveness, making it a good choice for combination sleepers who switch positions throughout the night. Latex mattresses come in different firmness levels, so you can choose the one that best suits your sleeping style.


Innerspring mattresses are made from coils or springs covered with layers of foam or fabric. They are known for their bouncy feel and responsiveness, making them a good choice for people who sleep on their stomachs or back. Innerspring mattresses come in different firmness levels, but they tend to be on the firmer side, which is good for stomach sleepers who need a supportive surface.


Hybrid mattresses combine innerspring and foam, combining the best of both worlds. They typically have a layer of memory foam or latex on top of a layer of coils or springs. Hybrid mattresses are great for people who want the benefits of foam and innerspring mattresses. They provide the support and bounce of an innerspring mattress with the contouring and pressure relief of foam. Hybrid mattresses are a good choice for combination sleepers who need a versatile mattress that can adapt to their changing sleeping style.


Airbed mattresses use air chambers that can be adjusted to change the firmness of the mattress. They are a good choice for people who want a customisable sleeping experience. Airbeds can be adjusted to different firmness levels on each side of the bed, making them ideal for couples with different sleeping preferences. They are also good for people suffering from back pain, as the firmness can be adjusted to provide extra support.

Choosing the right mattress material for your sleeping style is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re a side sleeper who needs extra cushioning, a stomach sleeper who needs a supportive surface, or a combination sleeper who switches positions throughout the night, there is a mattress material that will work for you. Consider your sleeping style and preferences when choosing a mattress material, and feel free to test out different options before making a final decision.

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