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Breaking Records With KingKongXO – A Review of the Top Achievements

Online kingkongxo is a popular slot sltkhingkhng game that can be played on various devices. It offers a high payout percentage and several bonus games. Its Wild symbol can double your winnings.

Steve Wiebe is best known slotxo for his world-record score in the arcade classic Donkey Kong. He is now a high school math teacher in Washington state.

1. Steve Wiebe

KINGKONGXO is an action-packed video slot online game that features 50 pay lines and offers a top prize of up to 250 times your stake. The game is available on IOS and Android devices and is playable round-the-clock.

The game features a unique soundtrack and a wide range of bonuses. Its theme is inspired by ancient Egyptian gods, and it is filled with mystical symbols and imagery.

Steve Wiebe is a math teacher from โหลดslotxo Redmond, Washington. He has a son and daughter, and he is an avid gamer. He also writes and records contemporary Christian music.

His first album was titled The King of Song, but fans expecting a musical tribute to Kong and Mitchell will be disappointed. Instead, the album contains 11 tracks of religious music.

2. Hank Chien

Those familiar with the 2007 documentary King of Kong will know that high scores on Nintendo’s classic arcade game are fiercely fought, especially between the film’s protagonist Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell. However, a plastic surgeon named Hank Chien has come out of nowhere and reasserted his reign as the world’s best Kong player, even beating both of those scorers (Mitchell and Wiebe are due to compete in the upcoming Kong-Off in New Jersey).

It took him two hours and forty five minutes, but according to video game score certification organization Twin Galaxies, the man from Queens, N.Y. racked up 1,068,000 points in the game. That’s a huge score and the highest ever recorded on a Donkey Kong arcade machine. He reclaimed the world record from Mitchell and Wiebe, who had traded one-upmanship since the movie’s release.

3. Jeff Willms

KINGKONGXO is a video game that features 50 pay lines and a top payout of 250 times your stake. It is available on iOS and Android devices and can be played for free or with real money. It also has a Wild symbol that can double your winnings when it appears in a pay-line.

Steve Wiebe is a two-time world champion in Donkey Kong and was featured in the 2007 documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. He returned to competitive gaming in 2018 after Twin Galaxies ทางเข้าเล่นslotxo threw out his previous records over a dispute about how they were achieved. He currently lives in Seattle and works as a high school math teacher.

BTS ’s Jungkook recently broke a record for the most live broadcast views on the KingKongXO app with his blue hair. His broadcast had 13.5 million real-time viewers, making it the most popular live stream in the history of the app!

4. Richie Knucklez

Richie Knucklez is a household name in the gaming world, and continues to draw attention to classic video games. His arcade in Raritan Township, New Jersey, boasts one of the world’s largest collections of these old-school games and couples it with a small number of modern titles. He also hosts a series of events throughout the week and weekend at his location, including Flashback Fridays and birthday parties.

The 2014 documentary film “King of Arcades” features this punk rock musician who turned his love of music and arcade video games into a really cool career. The film stars Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, and Eugene Jarvis and received positive reviews from critics. It is available on Prime Video. It is worth watching!

5. Robbie Lakeman

Robbie Lakeman was one of the first competitive gamers to break a world record for Donkey Kong and is the current holder of the highest score ever achieved. He is also a two-time winner of the Kong Off tournament series and holds several other records, including those for Stratovox and Super Pac Man.

He has taken a short break from competing in recent years, but was ready to reclaim his spot at the top of the world once again. During his three-and-a-half hour run, Lakeman earned 1,230,100 points to best Copeland’s record by 12,100, and the title was back in his hands.

He will look to keep this title for a while as he prepares for the Kong-Off 8 competition in March. He’ll be up against a few familiar faces, including Hank Chien and Jeff Willms.

6. Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell (1879-1936) enlisted in the Army at age 18 during the Spanish-American War. He dropped out of Columbian College (later George Washington University) to serve, and quickly advanced through the ranks. He served in Cuba, the Philippines, and Alaska, becoming a brigadier general by 1919. He was a tireless advocate of air power, arguing that the future of warfare would be fought in the skies and advocating for a separate military branch dedicated to aerial defense.

Amid controversy over the legitimacy of his video game records, Twin Galaxies stripped Mitchell of his top scores in April 2018. But in February 2019, Jeremy Young, who goes by Xelnia on the Donkey Kong forum, submitted a detailed complaint that made the case that several of Mitchell’s high score performances were obtained using emulators, not original arcade cabinets.

7. David Rush

David Rush is an author, speaker and entertainer who specializes in breaking Guinness World Records. He recently set out to break one record a week for all of 2021, using his fascinating feats to promote STEM education.

The Idaho man started his quest on Jan. 4 by stacking wet bars of soap, and has since tackled bouncing ping pong balls slotxo 1688, catching fruit and marshmallows in his mouth and juggling axes. While many of his challenges were done solo, some involved partners.


Rush, who raps under the name Young Boss Nieves, competed on Season 15 of America’s Got Talent, where he was eliminated in the audition round. He is also a writer with productions at Chicago’s Stage Left Theater and the Drama-Logue Award-winning play Leander Stillwell.

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