Benefits of Cat Grass and 4 Other Wonder Greens

Some feline fur babies exhibit an intense craving for grass. Whether it is cat grass or the grass in the yard, as soon as the weather becomes favorable they can start munching on it. However, unlike cows, kitties can experience vomiting sensation and heaving as grass enters their digestive system.

While eating small quantities of particular grasses can be beneficial, too much consumption can adversely affect their gastrointestinal system, health and wellbeing. This is one reason why moderation is advised regardless of the type of green a munchkin indulges in.

At the same time, cat owners should consider being equipped with cat insurance NZ so that handling unexpected health situations need not be as financially stressful. Cat insurance allows kitties to avail of basic health benefits during accidental injuries, sickness, and medical emergencies, depending on the level of cover chosen.

Cat parents should contemplate purchasing a policy in the best interests of their four-pawed companion’s health. In the meantime, read on to learn some benefits of cat grass and a few other wonder greens for cat individuals.

A word of caution here, every feline is different, so consult your vet before offering green nibbles to your fluffy friend.

Cat grass

Pet stores often sell tall leafy greens in lush pots, usually cultivated from organic seeds through organic methods under carefully regulated conditions indoors. They can sell a particular grass or a combination of grasses so a furry baby reaps multiplied health benefits.

Consider buying from them or growing grasses of wheat, barley, or rye in your backyard without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This way, you will be more assured of your frisky pet’s health and safety.


Although cat grass isn’t a vital component of a cat’s diet, it adds fiber needed for proper digestion and elimination.

Wild cats may have plenty of greens readily available in their habitat, which they regularly consume to expel undigested body parts of their prey through regurgitation.

Even though we really don’t know what it is about grasses that kitties find so appealing, we do know that munching on cat grass can help minimize hairballs and promote bowel movements.

Other wonder greens

Cultivating grasses can be a pretty easy task, but know that they are short-lived. Also, consistently finding a particular healthy green in a grocery store can be challenging, so you should consider treating your furball to other grass varieties.

Choose from delicate grasses to grasses with a considerably longer shelf life so your munchkin has access to greens having different flavors, aromas, textures, and health advantages at all times. Try some of them listed below.

Mint: Surprisingly, feline pets adore the scent of mint and will engage in nibbling and even rolling around in it to ensure a smooth elimination routine.

Alfalfa: This green can be highly appealing to most cats and is believed to have the added benefit of preventing kidney disease.

Basil: This wonderfully fragrant herb is also a favorite among kitties, who are more likely to nibble on its leaves than consume the entire plant.

Parsley: It is excellent for curing infections, avoiding urinary tract infections, addressing anemia, and providing temporary relief from kidney issues.

It is crucial to know that not all herbs and greens are safe to nibble on, lick, or sniff, so be wary of the effects on your feline’s health before introducing it to your herb garden. Simultaneously, consider being equipped with cat insurance in NZ so you don’t have to think twice about unanticipated medical expenditures and can focus on getting your pet cured instead.

Contemplate purchasing cat insurance so your munchkin gets timely medical assistance with minor economic burden during sickness and emergencies, including toxic poisoning.

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